About the Blog


To me, the shiniest, most outstanding aspect of Austin, Texas, is the way the women treat each other.

During 25 years in this city, I’ve consistently witnessed women welcoming, supporting and treating each other with respect, admiration and a genuine desire to spread the wealth—for the greater good and, often, just for the joy of seeing a sister succeed.

This hasn’t always been the case in many other American cities where I’ve spent time. There’s coldness and competitiveness and bitchery out there. And although I’ve seen a ration of that in Austin (like everywhere humans live), I can count those instances on one hand. With the other 500 hands, I’ve been lifted repeatedly—and I’m mad appreciative.

The positive vastly outweighs the negative among women in Austin, and for that reason, I never stop feeling lucky to live here. Every city has intelligent, motivated, creative women who make things happen, but it’s an extra gift when those women are also loving, compassionate, collaborative and community-minded.

So, to honor my beloved ATX womenfolk, I created this blog, AUSTIN.WOMEN.LOVE, so we can tell our stories.