Never Been a Better Time

We all know why 2018 was the perfect time to shine a light on women in solidarity; you don’t need me to tell you that. Abysmal times — of which we had plenty, pre-pandemic (remember?) — are famous for bringing light out of darkness, and there’s no more time to lose.

I live in a town where women do solidarity beautifully, in many respects. Women in Austin treat each other exceedingly well (ask around). They work to make the world better, and they do it in thousands of unique ways.

So this blog is a love letter to and about the women of Weird City, focusing on how and why they are badass.

With immense hope and endless pride in its subject matter, I introduce to you AUSTIN.WOMEN.LOVE.



I’m here to interview the big lovers and hard workers in my community about what they’ve been wrestling with and what they hope to accomplish.

The criteria for a woman to be interviewed are as follows:

1) She’s my friend. (It’s my blog, so I can make whatever rules I want.)

2) She’s accomplished in her field. Usually it’s more than one. Or two.

3) She does her life’s work motivated by a desire to increase and enhance the greater good.

I send each woman a set of questions that she can answer to her liking, and then we have lunch and talk. And talk. And talk. Then I take some of that conversation, cobble it together with her answers and a summary of the things I know about her, and post the results in brilliant form.

If you want to suggest an Austin woman for me to interview, hit me up. And stay tuned for Austin Lover Woman #1, coming soon!